CAPE 指數是由耶魯大學諾貝爾獎經濟學家羅伯特·希勒創立,以滾動十年的盈利去減低指數由地緣政治和心理因素等臨時性因素所引起的波動。CAPE 指數是保守的,因為它避免了許多分析師樂觀的前瞻性盈利預測。圖表用R製造,並將於在每個月的第五天更新。

Shiller Cyclically Adjusted PE Ratio or CAPE was invented by Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller of Yale University. It uses a rolling ten-year earnings period to smooth out fluctuations based on temporary economic, geopolitical, and psychological factors that should not bear on fundamental valuation. It is backward-looking, so it eliminates rosy scenario forward-looking earnings projections favored by many analysts.

The plot is produced by R, and will be updated on the fifth of each month.

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